Corporate Criminal Offences compliance eLearning Standard

Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) eLearning is a critical control in providing a defence to the Criminal Finances Act. It is vital that your staff and other associated persons understand their responsibilities as outlined in the legislation. More information can be found on our CCO eLearning module below.

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What does this course include?

  • Background to the domestic and overseas Corporate Criminal Offences
  • Explanation of potential impact of CCO on your business
  • Case studies and practical examples
  • Description of relevant defences
  • ‘Red flags’ and real examples so that staff can recognise and report incidents of suspected tax evasion
  • Assessment through ten random multiple choice questions – not available for Light tier.
  • Covid-19 – the increased risks of CCO
  • Includes, final assessment and certificate for pass

Who is the course for?

This training package has been designed at an introductory through to intermediate level. It will benefit a broad range of employees and associates.

Larger organisations may benefit from a more detailed and tailored approach. If you are interested in customising our eLearning, please contact us directly.

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The Legal Requirement

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 took effect from 30 September 2017. There are two Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) that apply to organisations that fail to prevent associated persons from facilitating tax evasion.  A successful prosecution could lead to:

  • An unlimited fine
  • Public record of the conviction
  • Significant reputational damage and adverse publicity.

We also know that HMRC is already undertaking live investigations.

Communication and Training is one of the key Six Guiding Principles in establishing a defence from prosecution as set out in HMRC’s CCO guidance. This is to ensure CCO policies and procedures are successfully communicated inside and outside the business.

Our CCO eLearning course is designed to provide training to your staff on the legislation and support your defence in preventing the facilitation of tax evasion.

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