Corporate Criminal Offences Resources Toolkit (CCORT)

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The CCO Resources Toolkit is a set of tools, templates and guidance to enable you to develop a CCO framework that meets the ‘reasonable prevention procedures’ standard required by the legislation. With the possibility of prosecution and unlimited fines, all organisations need to be compliant. Working through the toolkit will put you in a strong position to develop a defence.

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What is in this toolkit?

Comprehensive support and guidance is offered at each stage aligned to HMRC’s ‘Six Guiding Principles’, working through the toolkit will put you in a strong position to develop a CCO defence.

The CCO Resources Toolkit includes the following template documents to assist you in updating your existing controls:

  1. Impact questions that act as a useful precursor to your formal risk assessment
  2. Template CCO Risk Register and detailed guidance, including example risk areas
  3. Typical CCO Response Implementation Plan
  4. Board Paper on CCO
  5. Detailed internal communication on CCO
  6. Internal CCO Policy
  7. External comms and contractual terms for suppliers
  8. Individual Contractors declaration template
  9. Declaration templates for agency workers and contractors
  10. Example contractual terms with Suppliers relevant for CCO
  11. Internal Supplier Due Diligence Checklist

We work with organisations across all sectors and from global FTSE100s to fast growth UK based businesses. Our well-established methodology is adapted to the needs of each of our 300 clients, from facilitated risk assessment workshops to identify key risk areas. If you require something more in depth please get in touch directly.

About this product

Aligned to HMRC's Six Guiding Principles

“We were very pleased with the output from the CCO Resources Toolkit. This has been shared at Board level and we are using the templates to update our controls.”
Finance Director, All Beauty

    Before any other actions, you must document a CCO risk assessment. The CCORT provides a CCO Risk Register template with detailed guidance for completion.
    You must demonstrate involvement at a senior level. The CCORT provides a template Board paper with detailed guidance on completion.
    Due diligence is a key area of control and a current focus for HMRC. The CCORT will update and improve your “supplier take-on” process to align with HMRC guidance.
    The CCORT helps you determine the level of impact of the CCO legislation on your business. Your prevention procedures must match the level of risk, based on the size and complexity of your business.
    All organisations must raise awareness of CCO legislation both internally and externally. The CCORT provides the templates you need. You can also purchase separately a CCO eLearning Module.
    The CCORT provides guidance on monitoring and reviewing the CCO processes and defences you have established.

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