P11D Software 2023/24

Easy to install, HMRC-recognised P11D enterprise software solution for producing and filing accurate employee benefits reports, updated for the latest tax year.

P11D Software 2023/24

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NoteFor a higher number of employees, please contact us for a quote: p11d.billing@bdo.co.uk.

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Streamline your P11D’s

  • BDO P11D Software is a leading solution for producing and filing employee expenses and benefits returns.
  • This software is used by thousands of employers and many of the top 20 accountancy firms.
  • You can renew or purchase single or multiple user licences depending on your needs.
  • User permissions can be tailored by employee, department or company.
  • Our technical support team will help resolve your P11D Software technical and product queries via phone call or email.

See why our P11D Software is so popular

Tried and tested software features


You can make submissions to HMRC by filing online. Internet filing is fully administered and verified through the software, ensuring you have control of your P11D submissions. Paper filing is no longer supported by HMRC.

Simple to use

You can set up multiple companies with specific departmental structures to suit your requirements. Select benefits and expenses from a standard list and enter information easily as a single figure or as you go along during the year.

Data import/export

Flexible import, export and synchronisation of data. The import facility allows you to import data quickly and easily from spreadsheets or other sources. Import and export facilities enable synchronisation of data with HR, Finance, Fleet and other systems.

Data can be input as you receive it during the tax year or after the year end and prior year data can be rolled forward.

Security and validation

You will have audit trails and all data undergoes stringent verification, identifying errors and enabling easy correction.

Customised reporting

Employee advice forms can be printed or emailed directly to your employees, providing not only statutory information but also a full breakdown of how benefits have been calculated. This reduces the number of employee queries and helps them meet their own tax filing obligations.

Additional reporting

The software supports preparation of forms P11D, P11D(b) and P46(Car).

Manual processing and entry of large amounts of data is time consuming and cumbersome. Using our software makes the P11D process far quicker and easier.

Improve accuracy

Intelligent importing and validation of data reduces the risk of errors, which in turn reduces the risk of penalties for incorrect returns.

Greater control

Use of the software enables you to take advantage of online filing with all the associated benefits, including the ability to make a test submission to verify all mandatory fields are complete and the return format is valid. You will also have speedier acknowledgement from HMRC of safe receipt and proof of submission.

BDO Store support team on hand

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BDO’s P11D Enterprise Software clients can contact our technical support team for assistance with IT-related software issues via phone or email from Monday to Friday between 9 – 5.

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To make sure we stay independent, we will refund your transaction if we find a conflict of interest.

P11D Software system requirements

Client machine minimum specification

  • Version – Compatible with legacy windows operating systems, however, for the best experience we would recommend Windows 10 and above
  • Processor – 1.8GH or Higher
  • Ram – At least 1GB
  • Free Space – 4.5GB
  • System Type – 32/64bit operating System
  • Additional Software - Microsoft .Net 4.6.1 installed

Server minimum specification

  • Version – 2008R2 or later
  • Processor – 1CPU
  • Ram – 4GB
  • Database size – limited to your environment P11D Software supports a PAC file.
  • The collation of the database is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • The P11D Database is not encrypted
  • Application will support C-NAME

Other P11D enterprise versions

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Easy to install, HMRC-recognised P11D software solution with automated accuracy checks, that you can tailor-make to your organisation or client base.

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