R&D Benchmarking Toolkit

Is your R&D claim in line with your competitors? Do you understand your claim risk factors? Can you identify your claim opportunities? Our mobile ready solution provides insight into these questions.

What is included in the Toolkit?

Our proprietary R&D benchmarking tool benchmarks and risk assesses your R&D tax credit claim against companies of similar size and industry. It provides valuable insight into optimising claims and preparing them for HMRC scrutiny. The tool is AI led and continually improves through:

  • Integration with internal and external data sources
  • Regular and automatic data injection modelling
  • Granularity and corner cases through a user interface

You will receive a report covering individual companies or bulk reviews of company groups or portfolio companies. The output is a pdf report that:

  • Benchmarks R&D claims against companies of similar size and industry sector
  • Quantifies how much a claim may be undervalued or overvalued
  • Provides an ‘Priority Rating’ (high, medium, low) on certain risk characteristics within a claim submission


£500.00 + VAT

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