Corporate Criminal Offence Toolkit

HMRC-aligned guides, templates, risk assessments, policies and tools to make your compliance with Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO) legislation easier and more effective.

Corporate Criminal Offence Toolkit

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Need a market leading CCO toolkit?

Benefit from our global client expertise, across multiple sectors

Comprehensive package including a foundational risk assessment

Formulated around HMRC’s 6 ‘Guiding Principles’

Support and guidance at each stage

Proportionate to the size and complexity of your business

Assurance that you have an effective CCO defence

What’s included?

Our interactive templates will assist you in entrenching HMRC-aligned controls from your Board down to your suppliers.

  • Template CCO Risk Register and detailed guidance, including example risk areas
  • Example CCO Response Implementation Plan
  • Board Paper on CCO
  • Internal CCO Policy, including typical risks to look out for and whistleblowing
  • Internal communication on CCO
  • Internal Supplier Due Diligence checklist
  • External comms and contractual terms for suppliers
  • Individual contractors declaration template
  • Declaration templates for agency workers and contractors
  • Example contractual terms with suppliers relevant for CCO.
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There is no de minis for CCO and it impacts all businesses. We recommend a detailed review and benchmarking for larger, non-SME businesses. Leverage our depth of experience working with organisations across all sectors, from small businesses to global FTSE100s.

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