Software developed by our experts to help you file expenses and employee benefits, benchmark your R&D claims or vessel operating costs.

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Subject matter experts have created products to help you navigate even the most challenging circumstances.

The R&D Toolkit makes it easy to benchmark and risk assess your R&D claims against other companies of a similar size and industry. Our P11D Software is used by thousands of employers and the majority of the top 20 accountancy firms to file employee expenses and benefits returns. The global tax risk review identifies gaps in tax controls and areas where improvements may be needed in terms of tax process effectiveness, governance and management of tax risk. You can purchase any of our products direct via the Store.

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The P11D Software, delivered by BDO, is one of the most popular solutions for producing and filing employee expenses and benefits returns. You can purchase single or multiple user licences depending on your needs. User permissions can be tailored by employee, department or company.

R&D Benchmarking Toolkit

Is your R&D claim in line with your competitors? Do you understand your claim risk factors? Can you identify your claim opportunities? Our mobile ready AI solution provides insight into these questions: Estimate claim benefits; Priority rate risks & opportunities; Benchmark claim value against companies of similar size and industry.


The annual OpCost report provides unique information that allows shipowners, financiers, lawyers and other interested parties to benchmark vessels’ operating costs against a global sample. OpCost is our proprietary vessel operating cost benchmarking tool.