Compliance and Risk

We have a number of tax related products which will help you manage your compliance and risk efficiently and with peace of mind.

Compliance and risk products - what is covered?

We have a number of tax related products which will help you manage your compliance and risk efficiently and with peace of mind.

These tools mean you can respond to regulatory requirements and manage risk using guidance and templates developed by our subject matter experts.

9 products available

Corporate Criminal Offences Toolkit

The Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) Toolkit provides guidance, tools and templates to help you respond to the UK’s CCO legislation. The toolkit includes a risk assessment template, policies, internal and external communications contractual terms, due diligence procedures and contractor declaration forms.

Short Term Business Visitors Toolkit

The Short Term Business Visitor (STBV) Toolkit provides you with all the background knowledge and information you need to determine when an application for an STBV Agreement is necessary and the tracking and reporting obligations you will have under that arrangement.

R&D Tax Credit Benchmark Tool

Is your R&D claim putting your business at risk? HMRC scrutiny has drastically increased on companies claiming under the SME and RDEC R&D tax credits schemes. Our R&D tax credit assessment helps you understand and assess your SME or RDEC R&D tax credit claim against companies of similar size and industry.

Tax Operations Maturity Model

Our Tax Operations Maturity Model (TOMM) is a simple to use diagnostic tool based on established international principles to assess the relative maturity of your tax operations, your tax governance and your underlying control framework.

Tax Insight Magazine

Written by tax professionals for tax professionals, our monthly Tax Insight magazine provides businesses, their owners, in-house tax teams, and advisers with practical and topical tax articles, presented in an easily readable style.

BDO QuickTrip

BDO QuickTrip is an online platform and app that has been developed to help HR and finance teams manage the increasing number of tax and immigration challenges for their organization and their growing business traveler communities.

Global Assignment Cost Projection Tool

Cost projection tools are useful at every stage of an expatriate assignment, from understanding goals to budgeting to policy review. Our Cost Projection Tool quickly provides hypothetical cost estimates, helping to ensure you get the most value from your assignments.

Global Assignment Management Tool

Manage, organize and execute tax program deliverables for your global workforce and their assignments. Automation, collaboration and task tracking means you can take quicker actions and make smarter decisions. You can be confident your business is getting the maximum value and efficiency from all its resources, allowing you to focus on the qualitative aspects of assignments. This is provided at no additional cost.

Global Equity Mobility Solution

In an increasingly globalized world, executive compensation decisions must be made with the foresight of employee mobility. The taxation of incentive and equity-based compensation may vary greatly depending on the type of award, the structure of the organization, the tax attributes of the recipient, and their location.