VAT Essentials Training

Our VAT Essentials course is designed to provide training to your teams to help them navigate the increasingly complex VAT compliance environment.

What is included?

Our VAT Essentials training provides a broad overview of the essential areas of VAT that most organisations should be aware of.  As such, the training will be helpful to most members of the finance team whether this be AP/AR staff, financial controllers or inhouse tax managers looking to refresh their knowledge of the key principles of VAT.

If your organisation is registered for VAT, then this course will cover principles which are relevant to your compliance obligations. The training provides examples to help teams understand the practical impact of the topics being discussed and there are knowledge tests incorporated into the training to reinforce understanding. We can also offer facilitated wrap up sessions with a VAT specialist to discuss the practical impact of any learning for your organisation.

Typically, the training (including the tests of knowledge) would be expected to take participants 2 – 3 hours to complete in full. The course has been arranged into modules that can be completed in separate sittings so that your team can complete the training at their convenience rather than all in one go.

The training consists of modules as set out below, including:

  • Overview of the VAT system
  • Output tax
  • Input tax
  • Accounting for VAT
  • HMRC approach and best practice

An immediate demo of the training can be accessed here:

A full agenda of the topics covered in each module can be provided on request. We can also offer customised training on request.

  • There is the option to customise the training including your own branding, narrative, logos etc.
  • We have an audio version, as well as multiple language versions.
  • For customisation, audio and languages, please contact us separately at
  • The training can be purchased directly.
  • No additional cost per user (i.e. unlimited cap on users).
  • A small annual licence cost subsequently includes annual roll-out and any updates to the training.

£4,750.00 + VAT

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