Tax Innovation Fair: The value of technology in managing tax risk

Browse our tax digital products through our virtual experience

We have introduced a new Digital Hub on the BDO Store designed to showcase the incredible ways digital tax products, automation and technology are revolutionising businesses. From minimising tax risks to accelerating operational efficiency. We have created a virtual experience for you, with videos and demos showcasing our tax solutions in action – see how these are making waves in the tax world and how technology can help transform compliance.

Our products focus on the importance of upskilling tax functions to take advantage of technology. We proactively address data challenges that were once deemed too challenging to rectify by achieving better user experience as well as compliance. So, it is more crucial now than ever that tax departments utilise data and technology to enhance organisational value, and embracing technology transformation plays a pivotal and interconnected role in achieving this goal.

Browse our digital products below to gain insights into the art of the possible and find out more on how our clients better manage tax risk and achieve greater operational efficiency in their tax functions.

Tax benchmarking assessment: James Egert

Our Tax Operations Maturity Model (TOMM) is a simple to use diagnostic tool based on established international principles to assess the relative maturity of your tax operations, your tax governance and your underlying control framework. The tool provides transparency over your tax risks and identifies gaps in your tax control framework, allowing your key stakeholders to make informed and targeted management decisions which can directly support your strategic tax objectives.

Find more information – Tax Operations Maturity Model

VAT Compliance Automation: Alicia Pelham Johnson

We partner with Thomson Reuters, using their Indirect Tax Compliance tool as a single platform that allows our clients and us as their advisers to keep track of compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

Find out more – VAT Automation tool.

Online training: Emma Bailey

We have a suite of online training courses covering all areas of Tax and Economic Crime. These range from VAT and Customs training to DAC6 and Gift Aid. Our Economic Crime suite includes Corporate Criminal Offences, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection among others. All training is designed to promote a culture of knowledge, integrity and compliance in your business.

Find out more – Online Training.

Tax automation: Scott Mills

At BDO, we are independent, whole of market tax technology advisors and approved implementors of all the leading third-party tools. We will be your trusted partner, helping you utilise best-practice methodologies to meet your tax compliance and reporting needs, for Tax Provision, Pillar 2, Transfer Pricing, VAT and more. We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, so we will work with you throughout the project, from understanding your current processes through to implementation of expert software, including training and ongoing support, to ensure an optimal configuration to meet all of your needs.

Find out more – Tax Automation.

Tax risk and RHIZA: Matt Balls

Our comprehensive and effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution is called Rhiza. Rhiza embeds our extensive risk management expertise into a cost-effective, easy-to-use and customisable software solution.

Rhiza helps overcome the most common challenges organisations face when trying to create an effective and sustainable risk management framework.

Find out more – Tax Risk and RHIZA

R&D Innovation: Greg Howe

The R&D Tax Credit Benchmark Tool helps you mitigate risk by benchmarking your tax credit claim against companies of similar size and industry. Using a combination of HMRC, business intelligence and our own data streams, the report provides data-driven, quality insights that provide real value to your business.

Find out more – R&D Tax Credit Benchmark Tool.

Electric Vehicles salary sacrifice: Shawn Healy

Whilst everyone agrees EV salary sacrifice arrangements are good for employers, employees and the environment understanding the complex interaction of the various taxes involved can be difficult. The BDO EV financial modelling tools will help you understand the financial implications.

Find out more information about the EV salary sacrifice arrangements here.

Short Term Business Visitor Toolkit: Andy Windibank 

The Short Term Business Visitor (STBV) Toolkit provides you with all the background knowledge and information you need to determine when an application for an STBV Agreement is necessary and the tracking and reporting obligations you will have under that arrangement.

Find out more information – Short Term Business Visitors (STBV). We also have a CCO Toolkit. Find out more here.

Transfer Pricing Compliance Approach Planner: Shaz Rajendram

Transfer Pricing Compliance Approach Planner (‘TPCAP’) is an intelligent automation platform that supports decision making, using a risk-based approach, to help manage global transfer pricing documentation compliance obligations.

The platform uses global transfer pricing compliance data, alongside information specific to your business, to produce a clear report which sets out key outputs by country.

Find out more information – Transfer Pricing Compliance Approach Planner

Assurance over your spreadsheets

Our Rainbow Analyst Tool (‘RAT’) provides confidence over the accuracy, completeness and integrity of spreadsheets. Our clients use it to provide assurance to their auditors and tax authorities that spreadsheets used in tax calculations (eg TP, CBCR etc) are working effectively.

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