BDO QuickTrip

BDO QuickTrip is an online platform and app that has been developed to help HR and finance teams manage the increasing number of tax and immigration challenges for their organisation and their growing business traveller communities.

The platform enables employers to track their employee cross-border movements through the use of GPS or manually, assisting both the employer and employee to monitor working time spent in each location to ensure clarity on tax compliance.

BDO QuickTrip allows you to keep track of your business travellers and produce reports to help you manage the compliance obligations that could arise for both the traveller and the employer. The tool includes a system of alerts that warn you when a compliance event could be on the horizon so that planning can be undertaken to minimise any unintended tax leakage form the business. Pre-trip functionality enables employers to review risks in advance of travel and build approval processes into travel policies. Now developed further to assist with the rise of international remote workers and current travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic the tool covers a wide range of scenarios that could impact employer compliance.

Designed to take the stress out of managing international tax affairs and reduce HR complexity, BDO QuickTrip puts employers in control. Combined with BDO’s advisory services, this provides planning for business travellers on a global and national basis.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use smartphone app for management of business travellers
  • Enables tracking of business traveller movement via manual entry of trips or GPS
  • Tracks both state-to-state and country-to-country business travel
  • Enables variety of management reports to be produced
  • Alerts warn the traveller to contact HR in case of unintended liabilities or compliance obligations arising from travel
  • Enables review of Remote Workforce compliance implications

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