BDO QuickTrip

BDO QuickTrip is a mobile-ready online platform to help HR and finance teams manage all the tax and immigration challenges for their growing business traveller communities.

BDO QuickTrip

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Mobile phone showing the short, 30-second manual trip entry form

Why do I need BDO QuickTrip?

For your employees

Track employee cross-border movements from existing data sources (i.e. travel management, expense or timesheet data) or manually through a 30 second employee questionnaire, monitor your employees working time spent in overseas locations, and manage associated compliance risks.

QuickTrip provides a complete end-to-end service, from alerts for compliance risks through to form submission, receipt and monitoring.

For your business

Keep track of your business travellers through interactive dashboards and produce bespoke reports at the click of a button. Efficiently manage any compliance obligations that could arise for both the traveller and your business.

Our technology plus your data with our BDO insight provides data analytics potential across a range of use cases i.e. duty of care, ESG and DE&I to name a few.

Designed to take the stress out of managing international tax affairs and reduce HR complexity, BDO QuickTrip puts you in control and provides you with experts in over 160 countries.

Key features of our platform

Mobile-ready site for on-the-go easy access to alerts and trip data input

Enables tracking of business traveller movement via API data feeds or short-form based manual entry

Track both state-to-state and country-to-country business travel

Enables a variety of management reports to be produced

Alerts warn the traveller to contact HR in case of unintended liabilities or compliance obligations arising from travel

Enables review of Remote Workforce compliance implications

What’s included?

  • A system of alerts that warn you when a compliance event could be on the horizon so that you can plan to minimise any unintended tax leakage from the business.
  • Pre-trip functions enable you to review risks in advance of travel and build approval processes into travel policies.
  • Now developed further to assist with the rise of international remote workers, the platform covers a wide range of scenarios that could impact employer compliance arising from an ever-evolving workplace.
Business traveller viewing a map of her international trips on her laptop.

Speak to an expert

If you would like a demonstration of BDO QuickTrip, or to speak to our team about resolving your tax and compliance issues around global employee mobility, please get in touch and we'd be delighted to connect with you.

BDO Global Employer Services Team

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