Global Assignment Cost Projection Tool

Are your employees asking for more flexibility in their assignment package? How are you attracting and retaining the best talent when it comes to global mobility? Are you aware of the value of an assignment compared to the costs attached?

Our cost projection solution is a smart and safe approach to adopt in managing your global mobility population and will assist in addressing the answers to the above questions. Our technology solution addresses all employee mobility issues that international business face, including:

  • International expansion: the tool hives a clear understanding of the costs of sending an employee to a new location
  • Brexit implications: the tool gives close detail of the implications of moving between the UK and EU, both on business trips or for extended assignments
  • Domestic agile workers: the tool can help give a picture of employee costs if they’re moving between states, cantons or provinces
  • International agile workers: the tool can compare costs for employees wanting to work overseas, something that is becoming more and more popular in today’s agile-working world
  • Virtual assignments: the tool can highlight the often hidden and unintended tax and social security costs of virtual assignments
  • Commuters: the tool can determine and help budget for costs relating to cross-border employee commuters
  • International assignments: the tool can calculate tax costs under various international assignment scenarios and help your business pin down any changes required to your existing mobility policy.

Key Benefits

  • No hidden extras or additional set up costs
  • Renewal packages from as little as £260 per calculation
  • Step by step user guide provided
  • Easy data entry process & immediate results in as little as 3 minutes
  • Quick and accurate calculations powered by the Equus Tax Engine which includes 154 Tax authorities across 93 countries.
  • The software supports short term income tax treaty relief, social security agreements and transparent tax calculation detail reporting.


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Global Equity Mobility Solution

In an increasingly globalized world, executive compensation decisions must be made with the foresight of employee mobility. The taxation of incentive and equity-based compensation may vary greatly depending on the type of award, the structure of the organization, the tax attributes of the recipient, and their location.

Global Assigment Management Tool

Manage, organize and execute tax program deliverables for your global workforce and their assignments. Automation, collaboration and task tracking means you can take quicker actions and make smarter decisions. You can be confident your business is getting the maximum value and efficiency from all its resources, allowing you to focus on the qualitative aspects of assignments. This is provided at no additional cost.