Short Term Business Visitors Toolkit

The toolkit provides you with all the information to determine when an application for a Short Term Business Visitors (STBV) arrangement is necessary and includes all tracking and reporting obligations.

What is our STBV Toolkit?

Operating an STBV arrangement has various benefits for the UK company:

  • Reducing negative cash-flow issues and the administrative obligations relating to PAYE withholding for the qualifying business visitors
  • Avoiding the need for the business visitors to register with HMRC and file UK Self Assessment tax returns
  • Offering peace of mind that the UK company is meeting its obligations

Our Short Term Business Visitors Toolkit provides you with the knowledge and tools to set up an STBV arrangement and make all necessary reporting to HMRC using our easy to use templates.

What is included?

The STBV Toolkit guides you through the background of the STBV arrangement and why it is essential for you as a UK business to have clear visibility of all business visitors from your overseas offices coming to work with you in the UK. The Toolkit explains the conditions that must be met for the STBV arrangement to work effectively as well identifying potential stumbling blocks to watch out for. Importantly, it describes the time and cost benefits for you and your business visitors of operating an STBV arrangement.

You will have access to the STBV application form, all the reporting templates you will need as well as important additional guidance on how to manage the STBV arrangement and how to respond to any concerns HMRC may have about prior year business visitors to the UK.

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